Please click the PLAY arrow to see proof that we are "The Fastest Drawers in the Midwest." Pete Wagner draws about 23-25 people per hour at events. Dian, Jonny and Jeff draw about 16-19 people per hour. This is not just UNUSUALLY fast--it is an AMAZINGLY fast drawing speed!!!
IF you are price-shopping for event caricaturists and you are being told by others that they or their artists can draw more than 10 people per hour, PLEASE always
INSIST on seeing UNEDITED VIDEO of entire drawings being done, as we are showing you above, or DEMAND a guarantee of number per hour as a condition of PRICE. The fact is, very, very few artists are anywhere near as fast as we are.
And, yes, Virginia--or should I say Lena and Ole--many of the others will
lie to get your business...oh, yah...even in Minnesota.

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