CARICATURES for EVENTS: is a Minneapolis-based company of elite cartoonists who will draw high quality caricatures at the rate of ninety seconds to four minutes each, live, on location, at various events. We offer only the most experienced professional artists, with a reputation for outstanding performance in terms of our ability to put your guests at ease while we draw them and entertain onlookers. Unlike many third-party middlemen, if we cannot send you the best, fastest, most qualified artists due to previous scheduling demands, we will turn down the job and forego the commission rather than subject you and your guests to sub-par, amateur or student performers.

Good quality caricatures by a talented professional artist who can draw at least 14 guests per hour are ideal for parties, company picnics, trade shows, receptions at weddings or bar/bat mitzvahs, open houses, conventions, company team-building retreats, and many other events. In addition to providing a highly personalized form of entertainment, caricatures are wonderful mementos. Simply call to inquire about a date, and we will take care of the details.

If you are planning an event at which more than a dozen people are expected to attend, beware of online portfolios that display work done in the studio or at retail outlets or at very small events where time is not a factor. In an actual event setting, an ability to produce a drawing at a level and in a style that is well-received by guests but also at a speed that makes it practical and fun for a group larger than ten or twelve guests is not easily accomplished by many artists. A balance must be struck between elaborate color or detail and the amount of time a guest is asked to sit--or others are made to wait. Also: don't be mislead by groups of caricaturists who tout "combined experience" of many years--after all, five caricaturists with only six years apiece may total 30 years, but obviously that can hardly be expected to improve the ability of any one of the artists they offer! Our lead artists, Pete Wagner, Dian J Wall and Jonny Johnson, have, for more than 30 years EACH, consistently wowed the crowds at events by drawing 18 to 25 faces per hour at a level of artistic quality and in a style that makes the event fun for everyone. Unlike others who make inflated claims, we prove our speed and ability in our video. For samples of work by our artists done at events, please visit our sister site,