, lead artist and CEO of Minne HA! HA! Studios, Inc., is arguably the Twin Cities' most regionally well-known cartoonist and caricature artist since Charles Schulz. His colorful career drawing as staff editorial cartoonist and caricaturist for the Minnesota Daily (1974-76 and 1997-2002), City Pages (1982-92), MPIRG Statewatch (1978-85), GLC Voice (1979-83), and most recently as a weekly regular on FOX-TV's "News Morning Nine" has won him national, state and regional awards, publication in Time Magazine andthe Washington Post, syndication to over 300 newspapers and exhibition of his work in the Whitney Museum in New York.

When not busy drawing cartoons on telelvision or caricatures at parties and events, Pete can be found teaching cartooning at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, working on completing his PhD in Design at the University of Minnesota (where he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2004) or engaging in political activism (Pete teamed up with environmentalist Leslie Davis in the fall of 2002 to run for Lieutenant Governor against Pawlenty and Molneau). Pete is the author of two books, Buy This Book (1980) and Buy This Too (1987). Pete is an accomplished video artist, animator and comic speaker, as well, having produced and performed multimedia shows at more than 30 colleges throughout the country. He is currently working on a new book and a new show.

Dubbed "The Fastest Drawer in the Midwest" by Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Robert T. Smith, the only thing more amazing than Pete's ability to draw up to 25 faces per hour is the artistic quality of his work. Pete is the only caricature artist in the country who backs up his claims of speed and quality with video proving his abilities, and a willingness to guarantee number of drawings per hour with a stipulation that the line of subjects will be continuous--rarely a problem once your guests see what he can do with a sketchpad and marker.

Contact Pete regarding engaging his services at your next event, or to draw caricatures from photos. If your needs are for more than one artist, Pete's company can arrange for teams of up to four artists. Minne HA! HA! Studios, Inc. commissions only the best, most experienced talent in the area.

Phone: 612-886-2345


Pete Wagner performing quick-draw cartooning on FOX-TV's "News Morning Nine." In addition to conceiving and drawing cartoons about the day's news events on-the-spot, as they happen (above) and engaging in off-the-cuff commentary with news anchors Tim Sherno (below) and Alix Kendall, Pete has contributed his own animated political cartoons (below, lower left), as well.